Decal Installation

For a clean and mistake free install follow these steps and watch the video.

Tools you will need:

  1. Glass Cleaner
  2. Lint Free Cloth
  3. Squeegee or a credit card

The first thing you want to do is clean the surface that your decal will be placed on.
If it's on a glass surface use the glass cleaner to remove all dirt and dust.

Your decal will be sandwiched between the decal backing and a transfer tape.
Peel the two apart slowly and the decal should remain on the transfer tape.
When placing decal on the surface flex the transfer tape so that the center of the
decal touches the surface first, this helps prevent air bubble from creating under the decal.

Now with your squeegee or credit card flatten out the decal and press out and air bubbles.
Work from the center out all the way around the decal for a good bond.
After a few firm passes, peel away the transfer tape slowly and you are done.